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PLA+ $9.99 /each Kg

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Precision +/- 0,01 MM

Diameter: 1,75 mm

Weight: 1 Kg / 2,2 Lbs

Printing temperature: 180°C – 220°C

Heated bed: 40 – 60°C

RoHS Compliant

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Light Blue #29B6F6, Blue – #1565C0, Violet – #6B37C2, Brown – #4E343E, Army Green – #003000, Apple Green – #489F33, Red – #F91B4B, Orange – #FF582D, Pink – #FF6596, Yellow – #FFEE59, Crystal – #NNNNNN, White – #FFFFFF, Black – #000000, Silver – #8A9597, Fluorescent Orange – #FF7B15, Fluorescent Green – #C6FF00, Fluorescent Yellow – #FFEE00, Mustard – #EED269

11 reviews for PLA+ $9.99 /each Kg

  1. Justin

    So far I have printed with black and apple green and they both print very well. This stuff is awesome. I will be purchasing more in the near future.

  2. Nicholas Sandau (verified owner)

    These are hands down the absolute worst spools in the industry. I’m glad that they don’t smell like vulcanized rubber anymore but they have very prominent notches and flash lines from the injection molding process. To be clear – the winding is fine – completely tangle free.
    The filament is legit though – I have yet to be less than 100% completely satisfied and even proud of the actual prints that this filament produces. Fantastic product. I’ll keep coming back for more – bad spools or not.

  3. brandon.hepner (verified owner)

    Filament is great! I haven’t been able to find anything close to this quality at this price anywhere else. Fast order send out and good customer service. I have seen some bad spools but after repeated orders, it looks like they’re improving.

  4. vwpieces

    I’m new to 3D printing and wanted to find an affordable filament to learn with. There was no better deal than this on Black Friday.
    After using up the sample roll that came with he printer I switched to the GST3D Black. I was amazed as it built flawless layers @ 0.16mm layer height. Printed a couple test cubes using fluorescent orange and still held precision wall thickness of 0.82 with wall width of 0.4X2, only 2 hundredths of a millimeter over on standard print settings with default values. NO stringing on tower prints.
    Ender 3 V2, 220*C nozzle & 65*C bed temp.
    Keep the temps up a bit… I was getting slips on the Extruder stepper at 200*C
    Very happy with this product. I’m now over 1/2 way on the Black roll with zero issues or complaints. Beautiful prints too. Really amazed with the strength of the printed items. Wish I could attach some pics to his review.

  5. Matt Johnson

    Purchased the 10 for $10 deal on Black Friday. So far haven’t been disappointed! Bought the silver and absolutely love how it prints! Haven’t had any issues with bad rolls, knots, or tangles. I will continue to use this filament as long as I can. Can’t beat the price! I richly recommend this filament to everyone!

  6. Dale

    I’ve used most colors available but love the Army Green. Prints great, I’ve also noticed that my supports are much easier to remove with this brand. I’ve placed at least 4 orders over the past 6 months for over a total of 30 rolls.

  7. Eric Ellermann (verified owner)

    I LOVE that the filament is made in the USA, and affordable. It prints well once you dial in temps. The colors are decent, but on the drab side of the spectrum. The White is not pure white, it is a bone white. More pros than cons, good for every day prints, but if you are looking for WOW colors have a backup plan.

  8. Brian Diaz

    I purchased 10 spools of white PLA+ on black Friday. I love this filament! Printing at 210/60 and my prints are super clean. Getting ready to place another order now and this will be my go to filament from here on out.

  9. Angel

    Love the quality of this filament. No issues whatsoever with it.

  10. Michael kesel

    The package sucked spools suck so I was skeptical at first but I have gone through several spools and its great other than the packaging. I will be ordering this again.

  11. Joel Wagner

    Great so far! No tangles in the spool, although I did have to remove some flash in the spool for it to turn smoothly. The prints come out great once I dialed in the optimum temperature and retraction settings. I print at 200C/60C bed. After drying the rolls in a food dehydrator overnight the filament comes out very smooth. On one roll of white PLA the diameter of the filament varied from 1.74 mm to 1.85 mm, which is not good. The other colors had a better consistent filament diameter. I still haven’t tried all the colors yet though. For the price, I’m not complaining.

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